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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 21, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. and deadly fires, flames scorching california neighborhoods as we come on the air. >> this is my home. i'm going to fight for it. >> the blazing heat creating this fire whirl as emergency planes now try to stop the wildfires from burning across freeways and right into homes. live on the front lines this morning. and trump campaign chaos. the assassination attempt in las vegas. the man who showed up at a trump rally saying he planned to kill the candidate as he tried to grab an officer's gun. plus, the big shake-up as trump fires his campaign manager. his children reportedly behind the big decision. donald jr. live on "gma" this morning. new revelations about the freak accident that killed the "star trek" star, crushed by his own car. the recall on that jeep.
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could it have saved his life? >> whoo! king of the court, the victory party for lebron james and his team keeps on going. the new questions this morning, is the mvp about to lead cleveland again and this time take his talents to hollywood? good morning, america. and call it the week-long hangover in cleveland. more than 20,000 came out to meet lebron and the cavaliers. king james posting this, the message takingen 0 those who doubted him with the #putsomerespectonmyname. breaking news, as well. >> a lot to get to. fires erupting overnight around las vegas. neighborhoods on edge as the flames get closer and closer to
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pictures, dramatic, incredible pictures right now and there's matt gutman in front of it all on the scene in duarte, california. >> reporter: what's at stake. you mentioned it. take a look at that ridge line. that fire burning across that expanse of area. now, this is called the fish fire and so far this is 0% contained creeping down this hill toward this neighborhood. for the hours we've been here attacking it with helicopters. any closer these fire crews are ready to pounce. overnight, fires flaring up across the west. >> massive fire in back of our neighborhood. >> reporter: in california, two separate wildfires merging burning over 3500 acres combined just north of los angeles. "sire "sirens] >> reporter: hundreds ordered to evacuate. >> i'm a little nervous.
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nerve-racking. >> reporter: esmeralda scooping up her dog and family. dive bombing fires turning the sky orange. firefighters backed by helicopters holding back flames trying to jump highways. >> this is my home. i'm going to fight for it. >> reporter: residents picking up garden hoses lending a hand to the firefighters battling the blaze. >> temperatures are high and winds kicking up, the perfect storm. >> reporter: as helicopters and planes race to the hot spots, these images from behind the l.a. skyline represent a volcano erupting. a massive wildfire is now burning across eight states. now, a couple of things are fueling those fires that you see above me. one is the wind. the other is the heat. it was 110 degrees here yesterday in arizona. 120 degrees and there are 100 rescues there in arizona for heat-related issues. now, some of the firefighters i've spoken to said that these were the hottest conditions they've ever had to work under. amy. >> my goodness, matt gutman, thanks so much.
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the winds that are on the way, ginger has the latest. making the situation even worse. >> unfortunately, we still have a lot of heat advisories, warnings on the map but i have to take you straight to this fire whirl video. the heat itself creates its own little tornado. a fire and that heat, dangerous in a lot of wildfires and i've talked to wildfire fighters about this before and they get the pictures of them far away. you could see more of them. that was from the sherpa fire. the warnings go through the next 36 hours for a lot of folks from las vegas to phoenix. 112 today. palm springs, 113. slightly cooler near the coast in california but the wind is still with you, especially in those mountain canyons. you could see gusts of 20 to 50 miles per hour. chicago and parts of michigan tomorrow. >> we turn to the latest on that alleged plan to assassinate donald tr
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packed rally in las vegas and abc's pierre thomas has new details in washington for us. pierre, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. this young man allegedly had been targeting trump for some time. police say planning to kill him for months. moments after donald trump took the stage in a rally at the treasure island hotel and casino in las vegas last weekend, i young man approached a police officer stationed at the event and asked for an autograph. according to police, a plan to assassinate trump was under way. without warning the man went for the officer's gun, trying to take it away. only to be quickly subdued. >> we love our police. >> reporter: the arrest caused little commotion but authorities now say michael sanford, 19, allegedly told the secret service this was an attempt to shoot and kill trump. a complaint obtained by abc news claims sanford who had a british driver's license had been planning to murder trump for about a year. sanford allegedly told the secret service he had driven from california to vegas
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friday specifically to attack trump after seeing news reports that he would be there. a day later sanford allegedly went to this vegas gun range to learn how to shoot. >> this is clearly a person who has the intent and desire to commit the crime but maybe doesn't have the ways and means. >> reporter: authorities say sanford who has been in the u.s. for about 18 months allegedly had a backup plan if he did not get a chance to attack trump in vegas. allegedly telling the secret service he had secured tickets to an upcoming trump rally in phoenix, arizona, to try to kill trump there. it's the latest security scare involving trump who also had a moon who try to rush the stage at an ohio rally in march. no word on motive but the secret service complaint suggests the young man was hell bent on harming trump telling agents if he was on the streets tomorrow he would try this again. >> thanks for that. and now to donald trump's campaign for the white house hit by questions about his team. a new
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just released, hillary clinton opening up a lead in florida. the candidates in a dead heat in ohio and pennsylvania. abc's tom llamas is here with the latest from the trump camp. tom, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. lean and mean, that's how corey lewandowski liked to run the trump campaign and wore many hats from strategist to gatekeeper, even a rally bouncer. and for a year it worked until now. he's out. this morning a new face for donald trump's campaign following the firing of campaign manager corey lewandowski. >> i'm really proud of him. he did a great job but we're going to go a little bit of a different route. >> so it's a different style. >> reporter: that different route sources say coming after trump's children suggested campaign chairman paul manafort needed to take over. >> sources are telling us you didn't vibe with the family. was that surprise to you or was there fiction. >> i don't think that's true.
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with them for a long time. >> reporter: lewandowski helped trump, a political rookie take over the republican party and win the nomination. >> i can tell you this, 17 other people we ran against had the same job i had for 18 months so it's been agreat. >> reporter: he wasn't afraid of confrontation personally ejecting protesters and even appearing to grab a female reporter forcefully by the arm seen in this video leading to a battery charge. that was later dropped. lewandowski denied it ever happened and trump stood by his side. something you could see him doing. >> he happens to be right here. i can tell you, i don't see him doing that in a million years. >> reporter: but trump's family agreed they didn't need more muscle. they needed more know-how. >> we want to unite the party and have everyone behind us for the ultimate objective which is ultimately beating hillary clinton. >> reporter: lewandowski telling me his advice to the campaign now is the same as it was fro
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>> donald trump brings a uniqueness and openness and a sense of i'm one of you to the table that most politicians don't bring. >> reporter: now earlier we were talking poll numbers. let's talk fund-raising numbers. in the month of may historically this is where republicans are at, romney, 23 million. mccain in 200, 20 million. donald trump in 2016, only $5 million. why is this important? hillary clinton raised 25 million. guy, back to you. >> all right, tom llamas with us, thanks. joining us live at "gma" is donald trump jr. don, always great to have you. >> good to be here. >> we learned more about that man that showed up at that vegas rally. >> yes. >> officers said he tried to reach for an officer's gun trying to kill your father and said he had a backup plan if he wasn't successful in vegas. does this concern you. >> listen, of course, it does. i'm his son. i love my dad and what he's doing for this country and there are a lot of sociopaths out
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there. thank god we have great law enforcement in this country and they're fans of ours. we'll support them. they do a great job whether local law enforcement or the secret service detail so i'm glad we have real professionals watching out for him. >> mo big changes on the trail. >> you can only plan for so much. i mean this is a guy that got through and tried to steal someone's gun at the time. you can't plan for every scenario. these guys do try to do whatever they can to prevent those things and think they will. this is an unusual circumstance and, again, i'm glad nothing happened. >> let's get to corey lewandowski, former campaign manager. out in the last 24 hours. a lot of talk your father relies heavily on you and your siblings, eye vafk ka. were you in the room when it happened. >> i was. we have a great relationship with corey. you can see how we all talked about each other. he got my father to where we are today which is historic. when you think about to win the highest number of gop votes ever in a primary with zero political experience prior to that i mean i think that's special and so
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there but i think there's also time to move on and transitioning, growing a team and working with the rnc to do this for the general and i think things had to change and honestly it worked out well. i think it was a good split-up. it made a lot of sense and those are the tough decisions that you actually have to make when running for president. >> you make the point your father celebrated lewandowski along the way for the history that was made during this primary. >> of course. >> and yet there were reports he was escorted from the building. that would seem extreme. >> there's policies when you do something like that. we got his stuff from his office. there was nothing malicious. >> he didn't see this coming. >> he didn't see this coming. listen, but there does have to be a transition towards the general and does have to be someone with this experience. what he's done has been incredible and historic. we have a great relationship. we respect him a lot individually and as a friend but have to move on and transition for the general. >> to the numbers we heard tom report there. as presumptive nominee the first month your father raising 3 million. during the same period mitt romney, 23 million. john
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that time frame but more importantly you're up against hillary clinton who raised 25 million in may alone. does that concern you. >> not really. i think when i look at may we were still self-funding part of may and doing this out of my father's own pocket and spent 50 million of his own money to get here to show he's not beholden to anyone. he doesn't owe anyone the nomination. he did that on his own. as we start to do that taste a couple online donations but reaching out to people and the rnc and working with them very effectively to raise bigger money -- >> while you reach out you know this money pays for national ads and "the new york times" says they have no national ads up right now but this is what you're up against. hillary clinton in several of the battleground states. >> we realize it's a big machine. >> take a look. >> today we face a choice about who we are as a nation. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> do we help each other? >> knock the crap out of him, would you, seriously. >> do we respect each other? >> see this guy, oh, i don't know what i said, oh, i don't remember. >> do we
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>> how do you fight this with $3 million in may? we'll do it based on her record, her past, everything she's done. when you run a country and you're the secretary of state and yet during that time you put $140 million in your pocket, that's what's wrong with d.c. that's what everyone has rebelled against on both sides whether it be the people voting for my father or bernie on the other side, sick of personal enrichment and turning our government and country into people's own private slush funds. hillary clinton has been doing it and the clinton family has been doing it for 30 years, maybe longer and that's not going to change. i think she's capped where she's at. we can show my father in a different light. people still getting to know him, the side that i know and as a family man, as afather and grandfather, you know, there's a lot more to my father and 'the only one that created jobs. >> you'll tell that story at the convention. vp pick before. >> i don't think you will. >> at the convention. >> yes. >> don jr. thank you. now to the
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inside the orlando nightclub, the fbi releasing the chilling transcripts of the gunman talking with police as they worked to take him down and save the lives of the hostages inside. abc's linzie janis has more in orlando. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, amy. police tried to keep the shooter talking so they could come up with a plan to rescue those hostages and this morning for the first time we are learning what the gunman said to them. this morning, authorities releasing partial transcripts of omar mateen's phone calls with police in the middle of his massacre. mateen calling 911 at 2:35 a.m. telling the dispatcher, i'm in orlando and i did the shootings. >> why the killer made these murderous statements he did so in a chilling, calm and deliberate manner. >> reporter: when asked his name, the gunman responds, my name is i pledge amreejs to abu
7:15 am
state. later they released the pledge caving in to criticism. 13 minutes later hostage negotiators call mateen speaking with him three separate times. one call lasting 16 minutes. >> you can hear him saying the reason why he's doing this is because he wants america to stop bombing his country. >> reporter: mateen at one point threatening police with bombs saying "i'm going to ignite it if they try to do anything stupid." then silence. he stopped answering his phone. police killing him in an exchange of gunfire around 5:15 a.m. ♪ now, families of the shooter's 49 victims laying their loved ones to rest. >> i never thought that her life would be ended right in front of my eyes. >> reporter: isaiah henderson saved by his own mother. she was killed jumping in front of him. shielding him from the bullets. >> she loved
7:16 am
no matter what. i haven't stopped crying since. >> reporter: police have faced criticism for not going in to get those hostages sooner. they say they used that time to get survivors out of other areas of the club and to come up with that plan to bust through that wall. david. >> all right, linzie, thanks. no shortage of heartache in the story. thanks for that report. the other story making headlines this morning involved in the fallout of orlando, the senate has rejected four gun control measures proposed in the wake of the orlando nightclub shooting. the measures would have expanded background checks on gun buyers and restricted gun sales to people on the terror watch lists. the votes were largely along party lines but a small group of senat senators led by susan collins is workingen it. collins is expected to detail the proposal today but all four of those going down to defeat. >> a lot with their eye on congress this week. now to the terrifying moments for a mar nobody runner. attacked by aea
7:17 am
in on the finish line, she speaks out this morning about the moments when the bear closed in on her. abc's clayton sandell has her story. >> reporter: this morning, karen williams is nursing serious bites and scratches after a run-in with an angry mother bear. >> she was ripping at my upper arms. i had my hands over my head, and i screamed because that hurt, and she didn't like me screaming and so she gave me a whack on the side of the head with her left paw. >> reporter: the marathon runner was just a few miles from the finish line in new mexico sunday when she apparently surprised the bear protecting her three cubs. >> then she bit my neck and started shaking me. >> reporter: she realizes the only way to live is to play dead until the bear leaves. >> i pretended i was dead and she kept glancing over at me. >> reporter: because the bear attacked a person state law required she be euthanized and tested for rabebyes. her cubs sent to a
7:18 am
refuge. as for williams she was found by fellow runners 30 minutes after the attack airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. >> i have a nice chunk out of my eyebrow that i'll have to probably get a little plastic surgery on. >> reporter: doctors say williams will make a full recovery. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> just incredible. glad karen is okay. >> quick thinking to play dead. >> yeah, no kidding. >> right back over to ginger and the family survived this picture right here. >> survived this trapped for awhile, a 2-year-old with their parents huddled over them from that pine tree. thankfully all are okay. severe weather is prolific this time of year, bismarck to mankato and des moines and all the way to d.c., richmond included that's just today. by tomorrow we have the potential for severe weather from chicago to grand rapids including ft. wayne. a lot more coming up.
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some may be severe this afternoon and evening with highs around 90. best chance for severe storms is in d.c. and points south. storms will exit around 9p and lead to a sunny day on wednesday. strong storms return on thursday. a nice weekend ahead with highs in the 80s. showers and
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coming up on "gma," new details on the death of the "star trek" actor killed by his own car in his driveway. the jeep recall that could have saved his life. what every driver needs know. also that high-risk rescue under way to save an american who needs help stuck at the south pole. what they're trying to accomplish when we come back. d? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections,
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welcome back to "gma" and look at these stunning live pictures. this is coming from duarte, california, the deadly heat sparking those forming a ring around the neighborhood. thousands of acres and so many homes at risk right now. >> just incredible. our team right there in the shadow of those fires this morning. also happening right now, the donald trump campaign in turmoil. the campaign manager fired as a new poll just released this morning showing the presumptive nominee losing ground in his race against hillary clinton. right now cleveland's conquering heroes, lebron and the cleveland cavaliers have made their homecoming led by the king to a crowd of more than 20,000 and much more about lebron's future, is hollywood calling? >> hmm. >> that's the question.
7:31 am
a caffeine controversy rocking starbucks in a new lawsuit alleging they're going light on their lattes. our insider is breaking it down. we are all testing the theory this morning. >> all right. a lot to get to this morning but first we want to turn to that stunning death of "star trek" actor anton yelchin. investigators looking into the car accident that killed the rising star in his own driveway and now we're learning that his jeep was recalled just a few months ago and the carmaker sent owners a new update just days ago. abc's ryan smith has all the latest details for us. >> reporter: good morning. anton yelchin was a veteran of scores of flips and tv shows before his untimely death at 27. now the jeep manufacturer is facing questions about whether the young star's death would have been prevented. >> all systems normal, captain. >> reporter: this morning hollywood star anton yelchin's death has officially been ruled an accident. the 27-year-old actor who is best known for
7:32 am
in the "star trek" movie series died early sunday morning from asphyxia killed after apparently getting out of his 2015 jeep grand cherokee in his driveway. the car then striking him fatally pinning him to this gated entrance to his home. abc news learning that the car that killed yelchin is the same model jeep that was recalled back in april over a design defect that regulators warn could lead to cars to roll away if the driver doesn't have the car in the proper gear when exiting the vehicle. >> the fundamental defect in these vehicles is that the transmission looks like it's in park but it's not in park and if it's on a hill, it can roll down the hill and then strike the occupant. >> reporter: our matt gutman shows the source of the potential problem. >> right now in i'm drive putting it into park. now it's confusing if you're not
7:33 am
what gear you're in. >> reporter: the carmaker so far identifying 212 crashes with 41 injuries related to the defective gearshift. recalling over 800,000 cars. but abc news has learned not issuing a fix for yelchin's model car until last week. yelchin's latest movie "star trek beyond." >> i feel comfortable with this character for sure, i think it's exciting to revisit it and see what else i can come up with. >> reporter: his "star trek" family mourning online. zoe saldana writing devastated by our friend's loss. we are mourning his passing and celebrating the beautiful spirit that he was. rest in piece, anton. chrysler is saying it extends its condolences to the actor's families and friends adding it's in contact with the authorizes and conducting a thorough investigation. amy. >> all right, ryan, thanks so much. let's bring in abc news chief legal analyst
7:34 am
and, dan, obviously this looks like right now a terrible accident. but could chrysler be held responsible? >> let's separate out criminal from civil, right? i think we can take criminal off the table in almost all certainty. the question becomes civil responsibility. meaning will there be a lawsuit on behalf of his family against chrysler. you would expect that that would be the case and you would also expect this is the kind of case that would settle but i would expect that -- >> when you hear the recall, dan, it's so specific and sounds exactly what happened in anton's accident. but you say just because there's a recall, it doesn't necessarily mean chrysler is liable. >> it doesn't mean because you have a recall immediately company is liable for damages. there still has to be proven that there was an unreasonably dangerous defect, that would still be the requirement of the plaintiff if this case went to trial. with that said, the timing couldn't be worse. in terms of when the recall was issued meaning talking
7:35 am
april, now just now the fix is coming in. so this is a really perilous type of case for chrysler. >> and if anton's family does decide to sue what chrysler's defense be. >> you could expect them so say something like it's the obligation of anyone who owns the car to know how to properly function it. we sent out a tip sheet reminding people about the way that the gearshifts work, et cetera. you know, and a lot of these cases people talk about the actions of the actual driver, what did this person do? they want to make sure that the car wasn't altered in any way. these are all the questions that come up in these types of cases but i would think they would want to make this go away, settle it, resolve it and move forward. >> that fix coming just days before his death. >> and, again, so eerily similar in terms of exactly what happened. >> gives you the chills when you hear that. that murder mystery baffling authorities in north carolina. a young woman killed in her apartment t
7:36 am
a suspect has now been captured after a nationwide search but here's the question this morning, what was the motive? abc's steve osunsami has the story. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: this morning in pennsylvania, the parents of 27-year-old amanda strous who were preparing for their daughter's wedding in july are instead planning her funeral. >> it's a parent's worst nightma nightmare. you never think it will happen to you. >> reporter: she was killed saturday in her apartment by a man who lived in the same building who they say set the apartment on fire to try to cover it up. >> loss of words. she made me a better dad, better man, better husband. she was the light of my life. >> reporter: the manhunt stretched across the country with authorities following the gps signal from their suspect's cell phone. 28-year-old matthew benner was arrested in nevada asleep in his car. the sheriff says an interview was conducted and confession obtained. police aren't explaining how or if strous and benner knewac
7:37 am
and her roommate away in pennsylvania. >> it's so very surreal. i don't think it's going to hit me until i go back down there. i can't imagine life without amanda strous in the world. it just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: her fiance was also out of town. he says his heart is broken. >> i just didn't believe it. i couldn't take it in. barely been 48 hours and it seems like it's been years. the last thing i got to say to her was i love you and i'll talk to later. >> reporter: authorities are waiting for ben are where he will be charged with murder and ars arson. police report some of her belongings were found in his apartment. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> horrific story. we'll move on this morning. let's switch things over to lara with what's coming up. >> the latest on the daring medical rescue mission under way in the south pole. then a judge's decision that might surprise you on a
7:38 am
lawsuit against starbucks. and the big question, what is next for lebron james? will he be leaving cleveland? rumors are swirling and our insiders are back with us in just two minutes on the big board. don't go anywhere. day. carrying locally grown produce picked at peak of season freshness. can you guess who? and stocking shelves with all-natural 100% ground beef. but if you really want to know who it could be... try walmart's low prices. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff?
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time now for our big board. our team of insiders ready to weigh in on today's big stories. first up that risky mission at the south pole to rescue an american worker with a medical condition who needs to be evacuated. two aircraft have now arrived on the edge of antarctica and have 1500 more miles to go and steve ganyard joins us with what's coming up. a pilot himself. 4 hours a day it is dark now at the south pole so this is incredibly risky. >> it is, david. this is about as dangerous as flying comes. you have to think these guys will be flying for ten hours to try to get to the south pole and this little airplane goes 150 miles an hour. it's unpressurized, it's cold. it's drafty. and you got nothing
7:41 am
and snow beneath you. a very dangerous mission. >> steve, i know you used to be a pilot. i was reading that one aircraft is standing by in case the other one goes down, so would you fly this kind of mission given these obstacles? >> you bet i would. you bet i would. this is a great adventure. and on top of that you've got somebody whose life is in jeopardy down at the south pole so it's a great adventure but there is a good reason for and so we need to follow this closely and wish them luck. >> steve, that was the right answer. you can stay with us. yes, i totally agree but very, very scary. incredibly difficult conditions. steve, thank you. switching topics, a lot of questions, latte questions, if you will, for starbucks this morning. apparently two starbucks customers want to sue the coffee giant because they feel that starbucks is underif iing their lattes and we are ahe going to have rebecca jarvis fill us in on that. what kind of damages could they be looking for here? >> thi
7:42 am
dollar class action lawsuit, lara. the thing that they're claiming here is that starbucks is intentionally underfilling its lattes specifically by 25%. they say that that quarter inch that you usually get at the top of your cup of space is actually intentional by starbucks that starbucks is trying to save money on milk, not keep us all from spilling on ourselves. >> wait a minute. it's really two customers filing a suit. >> this is two customer, there are a handful of other similar class action lawsuits throughout the country right now that are trying to go to trial but ultimately starbucks is saying this is without merit. that anybody who gets a cup of coffee from starbucks that they're not happy with can have the baristas make them a new cup for free. >> they're probably ordering those fancy lattes in front of us in line. >> yes, like 12 words and i was looking behind the big board, so many people weighing in either way. they're like ask for more ice, ask for more milk. use your voice. >> do it behind us in line. thanks, rebecca. on to the nba finals,
7:43 am
james still celebrating the cavaliers' historic win, the party last night in cleveland. still partying i'm sure. just posting this instagram. all the haters, jalen rose, former nba player and former espn analyst live with us. always great to have you. i wanted to tell you what lebron posted. he said for all of those who called him out and said i lost a set, going back home is the worst mistake in your career, he got the coach fired, but guess what, that's none of my business. he was going to his hometown, made a promise and came through. this affected him along the way. >> it did. leaving cleveland to go to miami, that made him the chosen one when he won two championships. bringing one to his hometown, to his home state of ohio, now he's the king officially. he's no mercenary, he's not leaving cleveland at this point to go to l.a. to go to miami. his friends around the league that are searching for
7:44 am
chris paul, carmelo anthony, lebron james said he was watching "the godfather" six times during his playoff run. if that's the case the godfather allows people to come to him. not chase championship glory anymore at this point of his career. he has a wife, he has that three kids. i don't think now is the time to pick them up and now start seeing if you can go duplicate championship glory in other cities and other states. >> i agree. a lot of people talking about that reference to "the godfather" and got it in his mind, don corleone and he was in "trainwreck." did you see him? >> of course i did. >> could he go hollywood? might he consider l.a.? you're saying no but your friend, stephen a. smith, your colleague, says, hmm, maybe, what do you say to mr. smith. >> i respectfully disagree. here's why. why would you go to los angeles and play in the
7:45 am
kareem abdul-jabbar and kobe bryant when you have that right at home in your backyard. you just said he was "trainwreck." well, he did that being in cleveland. he's become a mogul being on the east coast where he's won the eastern conference championship six straight years. you don't now uproot your family to go to los angeles and, by the way, he said that he watched "godfather" till he was challenged on it. he couldn't remember a line. he couldn't remember his favorite part and worse case scenario you got to remember the part with the horse head in the bed. that is classic material. >> of course. you can't ask about the movie when you're partying in vegas. no one will remember anything. >> give the guy a break. he was a little bit busy there, jalen. i'm with you, though. i think hometown hero, i mean, look at what he has done for the city of cleveland. i agree with you 100%, jalen. >> why leave now an you can shoot a movie anywhere and come back home. jalen, rebecca, steve, thank
7:46 am
much. big board for this morning. all right. >> coming up next -- over here, this is fancy. very fancy. >> 14 cameras here. >> coming up here, lebron james king of the court is king of the memes. this photo of him crying after his big win in this morning's "hot shot" just two minutes away. goodbye icky sunscreen. hello new coppertone sport. it's reformulated to feel lighter on your skin, but still protects and stays on strong. new coppertone sport.
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7:48 am
♪ don't worry all right, back now with this morning's "hot shot." it turns out, guys, there is crying in basketball. and it's setting the internet on fire. his tearful hug with teammate kevin love as they celebrated their nba championship is becoming the new meme of the moment. it's hit every corner of social media. even getting its own ha #cryinglebron. here's some of the best. here's his crying face on steph curry's body. pretty good. attention, "game of thrones" fan, yep, a face to add to the
7:49 am
it's a little disturbing there. then here's a spoof on the famous rocky seen, adrian! >> adrian! >> the crying lebron meme could replace the crying michael jordan face as the go-to photoshop for when you feel the tears coming on, crying jordan has been the sad staple since his basketball hall of fame induction speech. i actually didn't know that. >> i didn't either. >> something i learned in "hot shot" which led to the crying meme on cam newton after his super bowl loss and countless other. who has the better crying face? >> i got to go lebron without question. >> his mouth is really -- he looks like he's really feeling it. >> doesn't look like a joyful cry but it was, indeed. >> it was felt in. it was in the hometown. like we said he's coming to hollywood. he's got the best -- >> staying at home. >> not to play, to act then come back and play. i think he can make it happen. >> i thi
7:50 am
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7:54 am
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georood morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the deadly heat wave. new wildfires sparked and emergency crews franticly trying to stop fires from swamping freeways and homes. on the front lines right now. new criminal charges for the star of "dance mom." abbie lee miller now under fire for money laundering. did she hide thousands of dollars from her hit show? ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ birth control by app? could girls as young as 13 now be getting the pill online? the new ways to get contraception that's kicking up a big conversation ♪ my name is no the bad boys of "the bachelorette." america loves them and so does jojo. >> there's something about a bad boy that i seem to be drawn to.
8:01 am
all speaking out for the first time overnight. how he's defending being so obnoxious in front of america. one-on-one with liam hemsworth starring in the blockbuster comeback 20 years in the making as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ let me take a selfie >> what was that i heard? >> let me take a selfie. good morning, america. national selfie -- is it really national selfie day? >> do we need a national selfie day? >> out to set a record for the most selfies shot in one hour on national tv. sara and jesse leading the charge, the selfie speedway this morning and #nationalselfieday. no surprise. >> i like how serious sara is being there. >> you see who is joining her, anna kendrick and aubrey plaza and they're starring in one of the funniest
8:02 am
"mike and dave need wedding dates." >> i've heard it's hilarious. >> yes, i've seen it and also have some thoughts on "the bachelorette." >> they're fans. >> i watched last night. >> it's so good. >> can't wait to talk about it. also doing five-minute fixes that idea rhettbook" that says can rev up your relationship. our cups putting them to the test and thoughtful results that everyone can relate to. we're sharing that just ahead. >> just five minutes? >> five minutes, baby. >> all right. let's turn to amy who took less than five seconds to go over to do the morning rundown. the big story, trouble for the trump campaign. new details about a staggering lack of cash, financial reports show that trump campaign started june with just over $1 million in cash on hand while hillary clinton had $42 million. trump says he's willing to fund his own campaign if necessary and after firing his campaign manager, trump says it's time for a different kind of campaign, sources say
8:03 am
children pushed for corey lewandowski's dismissal while facing an internal power frustrating and lagging poll numbers. in las vegas a man with a british driver's license is under arrest accused of trying to grab a police officer's gun to shoot trump at a rally over the weekend. well, the other big story right now, wildfires erupting near los angeles as the west bakes in record heat. the flames approving more homes forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. abc's matt gutman is there on the front lines. matt, good morning. >> reporter: amy, just over the past couple of minutes we've really watched the flames on that ridge line kick up. this is the fish fire. it is zero percent con tayed despite the efforts of these helicopters that you sigh overhead pounding that ridge line with as much water as they can. now, right now we are in a mandatory evacuation order. still some people remain here. now, the problem with this fire is that those hills are so steep that crews have been unable to get to them. the only way to attack is from
8:04 am
to see as soon as the light comes up, massive airplanes dumping a tremendous amount of water and flame retardant on those flames to try to prevent them from hitting these homes. amy. >> all right, it is a minute-to-minute situation. matt gutman, thank you. a wildfire in northeastern arizona has more than doubled in size to about 27,000 acres, five deaths blamed on the record heat in that state. in washington the senate has rejected all four gun control measures proposed after the orlando nightclub shooting. the measures too expand background checks and block gun sales to people on the terror watch list were voted down mostly along party lines but today republican susan collins of maine is expected to announce for proposal as a possible compromise. meanwhile, a congressional candidate in florida is holding an assault rifle giveaway. greg he wef evers says his conts
8:05 am
the mentor from "dance moms" is accused of money laundering carrying too much foreign currency without reporting it. miller already pleaded not guilty to bankruptcy fraud charges. a jumbo jackpot up for grabs. the mega millions jackpot is $330 million growing since march and is one of the biggest in the game's history. and finally forget thunderstorms and vacuum cleaners for one dog. it's horror movies. you have to take a look at malo the jack russell terrier on the couch watching "the conjuring" with his owner. really getting into it. but then the movie took a scary turn and so scary, look at that and look what happens -- oh. >> yeah, he went running to seek safety behind a pillow hoping the demons couldn't find him there. there's no lock for
8:06 am
>> i love it. the rest of his body sticking up there. >> you can run but you can't hide. >> the pillow is not big enough. "pop news" time? >> yes. >> we'll begin with kelly clarkson. she's now performing mini concerts at home for her fans, the original "american idol" canceled her tour last year due to vocal strain but she is ready to coming and listen to her starting with a daily song requested by a fan posted on her facebook page. here's one. this is kelly's rendition thanks to a fan of otis redding's "these arms of mine." ♪ be my little baby yeah ♪ be my little yeah ♪ i think i think yeah >> sing it, kelly. clarkson plans to put a song up each day this week leading up to a big secret announcement on
8:07 am
friday. >> wow. >> any guesses? >> that she's returning -- >> back on tour. >> listen to us. >> she's incredible. >> she is so great in concert. >> one a day, though. >> kelly, whatever it is we're listening. also in "pop news" this morning, the school year is over. many students starting their summer internships, not easy to get noticed in the pool of politics. sometimes you have to get a little creative like help me again -- >> sumok. >> sumukh, he turned his resume into a magazine spread, mini "gq" filled with articles on himself. his work experience, education, why he would make such a great edition to the team and took over three weeks to put together. it worked. the editor in chief of "british gq" himself offered him a job on the spot. no in-person interview -- >> he learned all he
8:08 am
know. >> kids, take the extra time, put in the extra effort. it does pay off. >> got him hired. >> i love that story. and now a meaty story to wrap up "pop news." a truck carrying a load of deli meats collided with a bread truck. >> where -- >> turning a stretch of -- >> where is the mustard truck. >> exactly into a giant highway hoagie. no one was hurt but it was a cold cut for commuters who waited an hour and a half for the mess to be cleaned up which stretched way more than a foot long. >> oh. >> that's just a slice of "pop news." >> thank you very much. try the meat loaf. i'm here on thursdays. >> keep going. >> you just pushed my chair out and remind me. this is my moment. i'll do a catwalk. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." a serious story. birth control by app. how girls as young as 13 could be getting the
8:09 am
this is serious without ever seeing the doctor. we'll fill you in on that. not serious at all, anna kendrick, aubrey plaza, here live. hi, you guys. >> hi. >> you're practicing because it's national selfie day, of course. sara is racing against time to set the record for the most selfies taken live on tv. >> get in here, lara. >> say, cheese. >> hi. >> see you soon. ♪
8:10 am
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8:14 am
might remember, and he'll be back. but right now the way girls as young as 13 may be getting the pill. "the new york times" reporting it is happening with new apps and websites. abc's linsey davis takes a look at how it works. >> reporter: it's birth control made easy. new apps and websites are now prescribing women and sometimes girls as young as 13 birth control without ever stepping foot in a doctor's office. >> about half of pregnancies in the united states are unintended and would like to see that reduced. >> reporter: nurx tries to make it more easily accessible. >> we think helping accessibility will help. >> reporter: visiting a doctor can be time consuming and sometimes costly. for some women like 21-year-old sara montoya, apps like this can be extremely helpful. >> it makes communicating with a doctor much easier than actually
8:15 am
chat with them in a way that's comfortable in a way that's not so intimidating. >> reporter: so how exactly do the apps worky in most cases women have the option to answer questions about their health online or by video chat then they're paired with a doctor who talks them through the service and ultimately provides the prescription to the local pharmacy. some even ship the contraceptives directly to your door. these new websites and apps do not require legislative approval sincically anythings still write the prescriptions and need to follow state laws for telemedicine but some doctors say the seemingly convenient over-the-counter birth control method isn't for everyone. >> birth control is not one size fits all. there are many options out there and i think patients and doctors need to work together to find the best individual option. >> joining us from los angeles is ob/gyn dr. lisa masterson host of "health in
8:16 am
what's the best benefit of this. >> it's wonderful for women. if it empowers them and lets them take control of their bodies it's good and makes it so much more convenient for them. but women have to realize it's still not the standard of care. still not the gold standard because you really want to consult with a physician because there's many risks and benefits and they need to know about it. the convenience is great. if we can decrease that number of unintended pregnancies that is enormous so very huge. it has great potential for empower many and decreasing unintended pregnancies. >> i agree although people need to understand there are side effects and seeing that doctor in person, it really drives that point home, wouldn't you agree? >> oh, absolutely and also the counseling that you get for, you know, for sexually transmitted infections, really, really important. that's one of the things that isn't on a lot of these websites is talk about the contraception and have you fill out a questionnaire but don't tell you, again,
8:17 am
protect you against sexually transmitted diseases and much better than black market birth control pills. you dough know what they are or if they're expired so you have to vet the site. >> what about the possibility of young kids as young as 13 being able to circumvent their parents to get birth control? does that concern you? >> it does concern me. it's really controversial and important that these young girls, if they're going on these sites, they're thinking about having sex. and so they do need contraception. but the thing is they are at's the group that would really benefit the most from the counseling, from knowing that you have to also use std protection, condoms and really getting that counseling so even though this group, they really feel uncomfortable seeing doc r doctors so would benefit from the convenience and support they also really need to consult with a doctor. >> not to mention all of the emotional impact, all right, dr. lisa masterson, we thank you very much. a lot of questio
8:18 am
topic. we appreciate it. coming up, we've got some secrets to revving of your relationship. how five minutes could make all the difference. ♪ i got you on my mind ♪ we promise you the perfect match. french's mustard is 100% natural, and our ketchup has no high fructose corn syrup. we promise. real ingredients. wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a
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8:22 am
we're back now with those five life minute fixes for your relationship. could a little extra time make all the difference? abc's mary bruce has the latest. >> reporter: meet tracy burem kagan and her husband ben, devoted parents to ethan. >> he's growing to be his own person. >> reporter: while life is good mom and dad admit finding time for each other is no walk in the park. "redbook" offers insightful guidance to reconnect in "6 ways to strengthen your marriage in 5 minutes or less". >> just doing the little things, little easy things can make a huge difference in the way that you're connecting with your partner. >> reporter: we asked tracy and ben to try them out. >> we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: first use technology to tune in to each other. rather than isolating yourself on your phone or computer scroll through happy family photos together.
8:23 am
connect. >> reporter: next try turning up that love song. ♪ >> we just finished our dancing to our wedding song from nine years ago. >> reporter: there's reading aloud to each other. >> and their quest was as epic as indy's search are to the arc of the cough haven't. >> watching something funny together? we'll pull up jimmy kimmel stuff. >> feeling stressed take five minutes to yourself so you don't take it out on your spouse. >> i got to catch up on twitter during some coffee and get charged for the day. >> reporter: finally work it out. starting your day with a little exercise can make you feel better about yourself and act better. energizing you and your relationship. >> i think that it calls me to be in a much better mood. so i think that works. >> reporter: the results, it's just a reminder to focus on yourself or to focus on each other, doesn't have to be this big thing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mary bruce, abc news, fairfax, virginia. >> and we're joined but
8:24 am
and relationship expert demetria lucas d'oyley and so we saw some of the recommended quick fixes. one was to use technology. when should you tune in, when should you tune out? >> i think it's awesome if you use technology to text your spouse during the day, hey, i miss you, thinking about you, but tune out when it comes to getting on social media. you don't need to follow their every supdate. talk to them instead of following them on facebook or twitter or instagram. >> and what's the best way to go about taking that time-out when you might have had a heated conversation? >> i think the old-fashioned rues still works. take a walk. take a walk, you know, run to the grocery store and pick up those eggs that are actually already in the fridge. >> that's very good advice. what do you suggest the first thing couples should do in the morning? >> instead of jumping out of bed and returning off to the bathroom just lay for a minute. catch up on, you know, what your plans are or the day, what you have in store, what the kids need, just take a moment for yourselves. >> and how do you find the right fix that will work for you
8:25 am
>> one of the best things about marriage and the worst is to one right way to do it so you have to try different things to work for you. >> i love there's new research out, something that maybe we've known all along that housework actually helps create intimacy. i have said don't bring home roses but a bottle of windex and pitch in and see what happens. >> revolutionary idea. women want more help around the house. who knew? >> it actually leads to good things for you men. >> yes, very good things in the bedroom. >> yeah, i don't know if we needed to point that out but that might be obvious. when it comes to sex, the general rule of thumb. >> as often as you possibly can. >> men everywhere are loving you demetria. on that note let's head outside to ginger. >> my goodness, this whole selfie line and this woman who just did her first selfie. very exciting times out here but we have to get to that weather headline. remember, heat is cumulative. i say this but it means something, 110 inthunderstorms. some may be severe this afternoon and
8:26 am
around 90. best chance for severe storms is in d.c. and points south. storms will exit around 9p and lead to a sunny day on wednesday. strong storms return on thursday. a nice weekend ahead with highs in the 80s. national selfie day. we'll be right back. ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
let me take a selfie. >> welcome back. i didn't want to interrupt ginger's selfie during the break. >> it was my first of the day. >> a mirror on it too. really caucus out there. by the way, national selfie day. she's still over there doing the selfies, up to -- >> always. >> always. 15.7 selfies per minute. >> oh, wow. >> that's pretty impressive. >> come on, team. >> we can do a few more. >> let's go, people. we have a mathematician in the control room for this. working to try to break the record, help us at home. hughes the #nationalselfieday. that's original, right? >> jesse. >> there's science, math. >> actually is. >> breathe and snap. breathe and snap. >> bingo. a programming note for you, great friend of the show, the legendary oprah has a
8:31 am
megapremiere tonight. her riveting new drama "greenleaf" on the o network. take a look. >> i don't know how you got to be the way you are. i don't know if daddy did something, i don't know about, maybe mom, i don't know. i don't care. god knows i had my share of pain from them but i didn't go handing it on like it was some kind of gift. now, it's one thing to be sick, it's another thing to go walking around peacocking about it. from what i remember of my bible that kind of prancing is reserved for satan. >> ooh. >> yeah, people, "greenleaf" kicks off its two-night premiere on the oprah winfrey network tonight. >> can't wait for that. plus, abc's gearing up for sunday's fun and games and we've got the exclusive reveal of the covers of the new "tv guide" new issue. take a look. alec baldwin hosting "match game" and steve ha
8:32 am
"celebrity family feud" and our own michael strahan hosts "$100,000 pyramid." can't wait to see these fun shows and all the celeb, as well. it will start this sunday night, 8:00, 7:00 central. >> the "pyramid" was a favorite. >> until i asked what comes out of a chicken. >> what comes out of a chicken. >> i know what you probably said, zip. >> i did too. then i got it right. an egg. >> we lost. >> over to amy. >> that's a perfect transition. fun and games because we've got some fun and games ahead for all of you. going to any weddings this season you'd be lucky to get these ladies as your plus ones, anna kendrick and aubrey plaza star in the new movie "mike and dave need wedding dates" and here they are in action. charming. >> introduce our wedding date, tatiana and alice. >> oh, hi. >> oh, the bride, the gorgeous
8:33 am
>> it's all about you being happy and not shattered. >> oh. >> you got some michelle obama arms. >> you guys seem so lovely and happy there but it all changes quickly. >> that's like the only clip we're acting normal and not even acting that normal. >> nope. >> aubrey, you play at that tta. you play alice. tell me about your characters. how do you cry them. >> my character is a party girl, she's kind of a little rough around the edges but she has a heart of gold and she just loves her best friends and, you know, just wants to make her best friend have fun. >> yeah, because alice you're broken. >> i was left at the altar which is why i feel really weird about the bride and tell her not to be shattered and act like that's a normal thing to say so tatiana takes me on vaca to try to -- >> you scammed these boys getting
8:34 am
basically. >> she's like my pimp. >> we like schemes. >> we just want to ruin zac efron's life but in a fun way. >> so everybody can laugh at that. >> yeah, that's funny to me. >> yeah. >> there are some pretty incredible stunt, first you get hit by a car then that -- those atv scenes. did you do any of our joan stunts? is looked pretty frightening. >> i did all her stunts and she did all mine. >> i'm her body double for all of her naked scenes. >> and vice versa. >> yeah. >> so which of your co-stars do you think you would actually take to eye wedding? any of them? >> i feel like aubrey would be a good wing woman. >> yeah. >> so -- >> i feel like you would be a good wing woman. >> oh, stop. >> i guess we'll take each other. >> got the mutual affection club going. awesome. speaking of being at weddings i saw a picture of you as a bridemaid in "brides" magazine right after wra
8:35 am
you've seen the picture. did you learn any lessons that you brought to the wedding? >> no, skaus in this movie we ruin a wedding. we ruin it good. >> so you learned what not to do? >> yes. >> like don't maybe give the bride illicit drugs. >> illicit drug, erotic maage haves. doementsz take ecstasy and run around naked with horses. nothing involves dildos or happy endings. >> someone's cousin in a steam shower. >> can you say that on tv? >> you just did. all right. so you can see a little bit about what's happening in the movie. you were maid of honor once. so how do you think you were in that roll with your friend? >> i was terrified. it's a really scary job. i was most scared about the speech, but i remembered that -- >> you nailed it. >> i don't remember actually.
8:36 am
then i don't know what happened. >> well, you know what, no -- >> if someone could just search the internet, there's video of that. >> please don't. >> a handsome reward. >> please don't do that if one of the big upshots you got to shoot it all in hawaii. >> yeah. >> what was that like? hawaii? >> it was fun. it was my first time ever in hawaii so i had fun. i was just running around the jungle, getting weird, getting my hands dirty. you know. >> all right. you guys are going to stick around because there's more fun coming up. "mike and dave need wedding dates," we should tell everyone hits theaters on july 8th. stay there and we'll be right back. ginger, back to you. >> how about we come into the selfie -- we are selfieing our selfie times -- >> with a selfie. >> selfie on selfie. >> frightening. you can do it today. national selfie day and the forecast. we should talk about the weather in the mid-atlantic and northeast. some storms this morning but the severe
8:37 am
places like washington, d.c., down into parts of virginia, temperatures still going to be a little warm and humid but today is the day i want to focus on, chicago, i'm not looking very cool in the selfie describing this to grand rapid, ft. wayne all in a moderate risk that next level of risk tomorrow morning through tomorrow afternoon, asly sunny today with showers and thunderstorms. some may be severe this afternoon and evening with highs around 90. best chance for severe storms is in d.c. and points south. storms will exit around 9p and lead to a sunny day on wednesday. strong storms return on thursday. a nice weekend ahead with highs in the 80s. >> and all that weather brought to you by carmax. 767, 768 selfies so far. we're good. david and amy. >> keep counting. they've now brought me in after a few things were said in your last segment, amy. >> you're going to the grown-up in the room. >> hardly. anyway apparently we're back with "the bachelorette" super fans, anna
8:38 am
how we switched gears. >> totally. >> can't get enough. >> can't get enough. >> family show now. >> you'll break down the contenders. >> that's right, family show for jojo's heart but first abbie boudreau with who they are. the bad boys of "the bachelorette." >> jojo, i love you too. >> what? >> reporter: ben may have won her heart by being mr. nice guy but on jojo's season of "the bachelorette" she's fallen hard for more than a few mr. wrongs. >> there is something about a bad boy that i seem to be drawn to. it's gotten me in trouble. >> reporter: jojo opening up in the new issue of "us" weekly about her weakness for bad boys like the now infamous chad johnson, aka the rage monster. [ bleep ]. >> i want to cut everyone's legs and arms off and there's going to be torsos and i'll throw this emin the pool and i'll going to [ bleep ] up this thing. >> reporter: their chemistry didn't last. >> chad, i don't think that the way that you behave and resort to violence is something that's
8:39 am
acceptable. >> getting her -- >> reporter: chad add mitting on instagram after watching it play out, quote, now i understand why some people hate me. ha, ha, but some parts were hilarious too. >> when you're in the moment you say things, you do things and my thing is like sometimes i'll say things in order to get the result that i want and it's not always the best thing. >> reporter: according to "us weekly" he's not the only one of her suitors that isn't there for the right reasons. robby hayes reportedly with a girlfriend back home and then there's the golden boy, pro football star aaron rodgers' brother. >> there's something about you that makes me nervous. >> he says he's falling in love but is it just an act? next week, many of the guys questioning his motives. >> she definitely does not deserve to be with someone who just wants this for fame. >> it's just pathetic when someone needs to bring up stuff like that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >>
8:40 am
we break it down with anna and aubrey. >> super fans. >> break it down now. let's break it down. >> we're superfans but also the guys all look exactly alike so it's difficult to tell them apart. >> yeah. i'll ask about chad. anything redeeming about him? >> i don't even want to date a guy unless he's willing to kill and dismember people so -- >> so he's out. >> so chad sounds like a great match for me. >> he admitted he would say or do anything to get his way. >> that kind of ruthless behavior i look for in a husband, yeah, sort of violent, frightening behavior. >> chad had a lot of good points and i don't know, i kind of liked him. >> he should stay on the aisle, right? >> yeah. >> okay. >> i'd warrant him on my team. >> we're supposed to ask about robby. how can you tell if a guy has someone else on the side? she was wondering is he playing her? >> i feel like you need to be the girl on the side. >> yeah. >> that's always more fun.
8:41 am
don't have a girl on the side. just in a wig. >> also just check his phone and rifle through his belongings. >> yeah. >> oh, we've lost him. >> jordan, there's one more. what he have to do. >> jordan was in "pitch perfect 2" with me, not a great dancer but charming fellow. he has to convince her he is the one in the leather jacket. >> he's the one with the haircut and the eyebrows and the face. >> a lot of hair, really good hair. >> our thanks to the girls on the side right here. >> are you one of the guys? >> 8:00, 7:00. >> no, i keep my clothes on. this is a family show. >> you look like one of the bachelors. >> this is where it starts to go -- >> are you chad? >> chad, nice t
8:42 am
>> let's go out sometimes. >> anyway, amy -- >> we're celebrating national selfie day out to set a record. coming up, liam hemsworth, thank you, ladies. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
all right, we are back now selfie sidekick jesse taking over for sara who has to now switch roles. >> i'm much more cut out for in. >> a bit of a workout. >> sitting down with liam hemsworth to talk about his new movie "independence day: resurgence." was it good. >> amazing i'm a huge fan but, jesse, by the way, i am coming back. >> i can't even hold your -- yeah. >> clearly. liam hemsworth was just a kid actually when the original "independence day" blasted into the theaters in 1996. >> nice job. >> fast forward 20 years and he stars in the sequel as a wisecracking pilot fights to save the world. take a look. >> what goes up must come down. >> no. >> falling. falling. >> no. >> we are so excited to have liam here with us this morning. i happen to be a big fan
8:46 am
"independence day." you had to sneak to watch it when you were little. >> yeah, yeah, i was about 6 1/2, 7 years old when i first watched it and my brothers had it on vhs, on videotape and i nuclear in and watched it with them. >> now, we saw that you were in a clip with jeff goldblum, one of my favorites. what was it like working alongside some of the original cast. >> jeff goldblum is amazing. one of my favorite people i've ever met. so passionate about it and showed up to set every day and just fuels everyone with happiness and energy and it's a good time working with him. >> although you're a fan of his i heard there were some nightmares while you were filming this. that included jeff. >> yes, for some reason i had some nightmares that jeff and i were running away from aliens, sounds silly. >> some of the technology made these -- i mean these aren't just your run-of-the-mill aliens but really scary stuff. >> yeah, yeah, it's scary. >> you have two brothers that are also in the bi
8:47 am
would you ever want to work with them. >> we've talked about it. i don't think it's going to happen any time soon but it would be a fun thing to do one day. >> there's a lot of competition in multisibling families. who steals the camera time, the spoiled one, the brat. you're the baby so maybe the brat. >> yeah, but i think i was probably the craziest out of all three of us. my hungles called me devil child and said i needed to be exorcised. >> aside from the s we read about you a lot. one example of people that keep their personal life private. >> try. >> how do you do that in the age of social media and just being in the profession you're in. >> try to keep it personal, obviously so much of it gets put out there and you can't control that. but i -- for me it's just -- i try to keep things simple. >> now i know you also rescue dogs who are near and dear to you. >> yep. >> would you ever act with
8:48 am
because i know they're kind of stars of your instagram. >> yeah. >> which i follow. >> i've talked about it with my dogs and they made love to do a movie woo me. maybe at some point. >> good luck. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> oh, he loves dogs too. it doesn't get better. don't miss "independence day: resurgence" it opens nationwide on friday. get in this picture. >> i know. selfies continue. i think we're at a thousand. >>
8:49 am
8:50 am
you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. let me take a selfie. >> it is national selfie day celebrating on "gma" by going for a new record for the most selfies ever taken on live tv in just one hour. sara right now is killing it continually snapping away. abc's nick watt is going to show us how selfies conquered the world. >> but first let me take a selfie. >> reporter:
8:51 am
president wanna-bes, muscle men. used a quarter of a billion times on instagram alone. alone, sub genres, sans makeup. i woke occupy like this. backstage, background celeb, straight up smolder, 3.7 million likes. >> let me take a selfie. >> but millennials, you did not invent this. 1991, thelma and louise, filters to make you look better, those selfie sticks are new but don't get your undies too bunched over this neonarcissism. van gogh painted himself 43 times. >> i know my perfect angle is my chin down and i just pose away. >> reporter: kim is generous with her tip, camera up, chin down, pouting, super pouty, take lots. pick the best. for "good morning america," nick
8:52 am
>> all right. it's time to check in with sara. final moments to quest a record for national selfie day here on "gma" so, sara, we've 1,065. you've done that in 50 minutes. do you think we have a shot at breaking the record. i think we are kicking some buns in the selfie game. >> what's the tough effort part about taking so many. >> looking adorable every time? >> it's a workout. it's the arm -- you get like permagrain on your face. >> you did more than i did. >> you're in way better shape than i am. >> clearly. >> have you learned a secret. >> changing it every second and getting crazy then it looked like an animated shot. >> it's like a burst just like hold it down and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. >> yeah. >> sara is doing such a good job. so much better than me. we'll have the latest count in our quest to set a new selfie
8:53 am
right here on "g
8:54 am
prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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friday, summer is about to get super hot when brad paisley steps into central park. it's brad paisley live friday only on -- >> good morning, america. >> presented by king's hawaiian. ♪ come on vogue "good morning america" is brought to you by ashley home
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store. this is home. okay, enough of the people who are always on camera. bring everybody else in here. >> get in. get in. >> all of a sudden the photos became worth a lot more. the folks who make it happen every single day. see you tomorrow morning. >> anchor: good tuesday morning. it's going to be hot and humid. here is jackie with your
8:57 am
>> anchor: we are on storm watch today. primarily in the afternoon and evening hours, it's going to be another hot one. temperatures getting up to 90 degrees. partly sunny skies. our storm risk today is at a level two in terms of severe storms. so damaging winds and large hail a good possibility. and tornados and flood risk is relatively low. that threat of storms will stay with us through 9:00, 10:00 tonight, giving way to sunshine on wednesday. strong storms on wednesday and nice weekend ahead. >> anchor: we're anticipating the delays to continue for an extended rush hour from the springfield interchange on the interloop to mcclain and tyson's corner and georgetown pike, center lane is blocked. major tiups on the southeast freeway. crash in the third street tunnel just moved over to the safety zone. we continue to block the
8:58 am
you approach the u.s. capitol. back to you. >> anchor: thank you. top stories, a barn up in flames this morning in fairfax county on van thompson road burned at 3:30. there was another fire at this same barn just a week ago. and power had been turned off. no animals or people were inside when that fire sparked. a die in is scheduled to take place at the n.r.a. building in fairfax at 9:00. people will be lining up as if they were dead after lawmakers shot down four proposals yesterday. we'll show the you protest on ou
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly." today the one and only oprah winfrey and star of the "flower shop mystery: dearly depotted," brooke shields. plus recording artist josh groban takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." audience: [cheering] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ellie: ♪ something in the way you move ♪ announcer: and now here are kelly ripa and josh groban! audience: [cheering] ellie: ♪ something in the way you move something in the way you do it something in the way you move oh, oh there's an evil night air the stars don't shine tonight there's something in the way


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